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Fighting for your family rights

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Knowledgeable Salisbury, North Carolina Attorney Fights for Your Family Rights

Efficient lawyer handling family and criminal law cases since 2004
John A. Basinger, Attorney at Law has been working for the last 11 years to protect the rights of individuals going through divorce, dealing with child custody or charged with a crime. I have extensive knowledge in many aspects of the law and use this knowledge to effectively represent your case. If you need a professional and diligent lawyer in Salisbury, North Carolina, I can help.Areas of the law I can assist you with include:
  •     Criminal Law
  •     White collar crime
  •     Felonies
  •     Misdemeanors
  •     Drug crimes
  •     Driving while intoxicated
  •     Parole and probation
  •     Juvenile criminal law
  •     Personal injury
  •     Family law
  •     Divorce
  •     Premarital agreements
  •     Adoption law
  •     Child custody
  •     Child support
  •     Domestic violence
Protect your family in North Carolina
Nothing is more important than you family. When dealing with a divorce or with child custody issues you need an experienced attorney to walk you through the process, protecting your rights. There is a lot at stake during these proceedings, so it is better not to leave anything to chance. I have worked on many family law cases and have the knowledge to vigorously advocate for you in court. It is easier and more cost efficient to do things right the first time around. Make sure you are adequately represented when dealing with family matters in court.

Salisbury attorney with experience defending against criminal charges
Criminal charges can affect you for the rest of your life. You need an attorney who has years of experience successfully defending clients in court. If you aren’t properly advised of your legal options, you risk making decisions that can hurt you permanently. The other side will work hard to build its case against you, so it is important to have a strong law firm on your side to protect your right to a fair trial. I am meticulous in preparing a strategy for your case and thorough in defending you in a court of law.

Contact a competent North Carolina law firm today
If you are going through a family issue that needs legal attention or you have been charged with a crime, you owe it to yourself to call John A. Basinger, Attorney at Law at 704.310.5916 or contact me online to schedule your initial consultation.

John A. Basinger, Attorney at Law serves clients in Salisbury and throughout Rowan County.